Pet Rescue Group Non Profit Group Scam

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Your ad sort of touched me ,and I am having a attack of conscious right now so I am going to let you know what happened to you. You see, I worked for a Rescue for many years. What happened to you is that an employee got a phone call from the rescue during your adoption process. Your dog was sold from under your nose as you were signing the papers. This was something that I used to do all the time.

I learned from the best. I had connections at every shelter up and down California to Nevada. I'd call these employees everyday to find out which dogs ware available. I wanted lap dogs, I wanted puppies, I wanted valuable breeds which I could pump and dump. After I made my calls I would take a wad of cash with me. The employees at the shelter would get a "Referral Fee" , most other people would say this was a kickback. This fee would vary depending on the age , breed, etc. A lot of times my contacts would just keep the dogs off the books so I could come and get them. It also wasn't above us to check ads in the paper and the internet and respond to lost dog threads as the owner for valuable breeds. It amazing how flashing cash in front of someone as a reward made it so much easier to people to give up the dog to us.If they were micro-chipped we would just degauss it.
We wanted small dogs and puppies because they were easy to care of and easy to move. Since we were a non profit we did occasionally bring in the older dog from a kill shelter. We called them our "Show" dogs , as we pretty much just kept them in their cages so we can save face. They never got sold and usually died. They were there to make us seem like were doing the right thing. And we did think that but, deep down we knew we were just working a sales position.

If you ever had a Job in sales you would know that selling is easy. The great thing about being a rescue is that people actually feel good about themselves when they buy a dog from us." Adoption fees" maybe the greatest term ever for this business. You as the consumer are Adopting this poor little homeless animal .The dogs sold themselves especially when you threw in some sob story about where you rescued the dog from We would charge 200 -- 500 dollars for every dog. And we always have the answer for any question someone might have.

"why so much?" -- this covers spayed/neuter, de worm, shots and microchip -- this was already done by the shelter and didn't cost us a thing. Even if it wasn't we said that is was. Occasionally we said they had to have surgery for some unknown illness we just made up out of the top of our head. People bought it like crazy .

Many people have asked me about saying " We charge because we want to make sure you can afford your animal." People are stupid but not that stupid. If a car salesman told you "we are charging twice amount for your car to make sure you can pay for gas" you would probably walk out of the dealership. I never brought this up and only would acknowledge it if the customer said something of the sort ( WHICH TOLD ME THEY WERE ALSO GULLIBLE)

Never bring your kid to buy a dog. I would make sure you paid at least 400 dollars. We also would do other things like say we had a stringent adoption process , that way the customer felt like we sold quality animals and they were well taken care of under our care.

Cash is king in the animal sales world. Most of my transactions were cash and never reported. I was making anywhere form 500- 2k a day. I quit because of a attack of conscious and competition form other Rescues was cutting into my profit margin.


If your job has already been axed by the bad economy or is about to disappear, people can often do desperate things in an attempt to compensate.

Why should animal shelters be any different, especially when a person considers what is happening inside these organizations, many of which are run by animal rights activists and major big dollar supported "nonprofit" groups. Some are so passionate that they'd do nearly anything to keep their "humane society imperative" of their animal shelter/rescue agenda going. This information can assist in explaining why pet and animal over-population stigma is used as a marketing ploy for rescue and adoption industry to sell their agenda about dogs and cats (rescued for a fee) as being their alleged "heroic duty" of serving rescued and adopted out dogs and cats.

Tell a family that the dog they're interested in is about to be destroyed by euthanasia due to "lack of space", and the deal to adopt is closed. Another dog is then shipped in to take its place as the needed "chattel product" of this high dollar big animal industry and "nonprofit" business nationwide.

After mulling over the phenomenally successful statistics of voluntary spay/neuter by the general public, the question need to be asked; where are all the animal shelters/rescues getting their dogs? Regardless of the facts that most shelter dogs are adult dogs, sadly displaced for many reasons, like due to people moving to covenant-controlled homeowner associations and counties cities with extreme "pet limit" laws, the numbers in shelters do not add up.

Obviously, shelters should be going out of business left and right since voluntary spay/neuter nationwide is so successful. After a cursory review of nationwide available statistics it appears that animal euthanasia numbers have been increasing for 20 years, especially to eradicate the "bully breeds" yet, "over-population" is the "mantra" still used by animal shelters and animal rescues favoring their animal rights agendas for furthering their fund-raising, donations, and adopting for a fee (selling) dogs industry to an ill-informed public.

Even the numbers of irresponsible breeding "puppy mills" are nothing like people think it is. The animal rights groups nationwide have succumbed to now including "responsible" dog kennels with more than 50 dogs in perfect care and control conditions as being labeled as "puppy mills" now in their propaganda. Considering the successful voluntary rate of spay/neuter nationwide, it is highly unlikely that accidental pet owner breeding and true defined "puppy mill" irresponsible breeding are filling up animal shelters/rescues to the extent that animal rights groups and animal shelters/rescues claim they are. However, a nationwide dog "chattel" product for a fee industry(dog and cat rescues/adoptions) must come from somewhere.

Make a $$$ Profit ("nonprofit") killing OR BE KILLED BY EUTHANASIA!!!

The general public and all pet and animal owners need to be aware that Animal Rightists lobby with local Animal Shelters and Animal Rescues as cover.

The illegal, immoral and illicit care, cruelty and unethical practices in the shelter industry are shocking. And make no mistake, it is a BIG DOLLAR ($$$) rescue/adoption for a fee industry. Many animal rescues and shelters have become some of the most profitable pet shops around that kill anything that does not bring top dollar; or is too much work to place in adoption programs for an adoption or rescue fee. To "give away" a dog or cat, is politically incorrect and unacceptable in their animal rights agenda "chattel" industry. The only Animal Rescue/Shelter agenda acceptable for an "unadoptable" (for a fee) dog or cat is euthanasia, heralded as being so humane.

Single Breed and Pure Bred Rescue organizations have a dreadful time getting pure bred dogs and cats out of the shelter for a fee industry system, simply because shelters/rescues exploit these pure breeds to increase sales and profits (in the hundreds of dollars for a single pure bred dog or cat). Sadly, the "main stream" news media and general public have been willing to look the other way, always promoting the animal rights agenda "cause and effect" of these shelter and rescue illicit industry dog product "chattel" practices.

Why do some humane society shelters operate in this manner?

The answer is that many animal shelters and humane society agencies have become havens for Animal Rightists; shelters and rescues are exploited to spread propaganda, dog and cat "over-population" myths, and faulty statistics for marketing and donation receiving purposes. Shelters and Rescues naturally become a breeding ground for recruiting new uninformed members and animal rights activists. It's a natural, albeit unhealthy, fit to the animal rights adoption )for a fee) industry "chattel" agenda.

It is no wonder alleged dubious shelter operations are becoming an ever-increasing problem, importing dogs and cats to "over-populate" their agencies from out of state and foreign country animal sources. The public should be aware of what is going on. Both Animal Control Authorities and Law enforcement who enforce animal laws and many animal shelters/rescues "have had" their ethics compromised, if not downright corrupted. The end-result is that generally, shelter/rescue workers and animal control authorities and their animal law enforcement agencies assisting them are no longer a credible source for accurate animal care and control information or about proper and constitutional animal behavior and breeding of quality pets, especially when it comes to crafting pet and animal laws.

Animal Rightist propaganda would have us believe that animal abuses and cruelty are at "epidemic" levels in the general public of pet owner's homes and small hobby or one time family animal breeders, not to mention that dog attacks most certainly receive sensational press coverage.

The main stream media is only too happy to oblige any political opportunism by "animal rights lobbied" politicians, pro-animal control authorities, shelter/rescue agencies, and county or municipal law enforcement or government employees actively pursuing their own "Animal Rightist" agendas. Animal Rights designed animal ordinances have become a means to an end, exploited at the expense of the loving pet owners being made into criminals without "proper and legal "due process" in animal law in our society and in the general public nationwide.

A major percentage of the nation's animal population, dog attacks, dog fighting, and even animal cruelty and animal care and control or nuisance behavior complaints are rare when all the facts are allegedly disclosed nationwide. As disturbing as these animal care, cruelty, and animal attack incidents are, they are not even close to being the rule. . . they are by far the exception. Thereby the Animal Rightists are utilizing the "exception to the rule" as an aggressive and nationwide opportunity to enact unconstitutional, intrusive, unethical, vague or illicit animal laws and animal ordinances in a horrendously distasteful and extremely dishonest manner of current and proposed animal law.

When Animal Rightists write ordinances that "Sic" Animal Control Authorities, Animal Rightist Groups allegedly posing as Law enforcement (CA. PROP 2 laws enacting private nonprofit groups to act as law enforcement on private property) on animal owners and breeders via animal crating, care, control, licensing, pet-limits, and registration schemes in animal law, the very future of healthy well-tempered pets and animals is compromised. No breeding. No pure-bred animals. No healthy genetic stock. Hence, no more pets. No cats. No dogs. No nothing! Forever more! Except for the industry of rescue/shelter adoptions (for a fee).


Not surprising they are begging to be able to go 'scoop' up dogs and puppies from rural shelters.

LOOK IT UP FOR YOURSELVES! Adopting a dog from one of the Shelters they specifically list (when they do) states the shelter DOES EVERTHING FOR 90 BUCKS FOR A DOG. I've tried to adopt a dog from a Shelter and a 'rescue group' scooped it up literally the day I was going out to get her. Guess what? She showed up on their website at $200 more than I was going to adopt from the shelter.


Big Dawgs "rescue" THEN has the hide to charge 300 bucks PLUS a POP and THEY DIDN'T EVEN DO ANYTHING. Some are even more! I even saw one for 600!

TALK about GREED! Even if you KNOW they will try to argue with you and justify it.

Don't let them scam you with the "poor little gonna get euthanized BS".

They don't want you to know the TRUTH because any post that tries get deleted. NO DOUBT by them.
There are probably more out there as well.

Granted there are probably a couple of decent rescue groups out there, but this sure isn't one of them!


Anonymous said…
Yes, they are a scam. Even the one's who have been around "forever" and post those sad television commercials are making money hand over fist.

First, I had a friend who worked with a vet and she also volunteered with a local rescue in my county. She proudly told me the rescue would visit the animal shelter on Tuesdays and Thursdays knowing those were the days the "new" dogs were admitted. She told me they would only take the dogs that were easy to adopt out...the small breeds, the puppies, the family dogs, etc. She didn't think this was unethical or problematic at all. She thought this was great. The county shelter charged $10 for an adoption and gave $50 towards a spay/neuter if the animal wasn't already. The rescue group charged $150 per dog (as of 6 years ago...I believe the cost now is almost 200). True, some fo the animals they adopted out did need to be neutered or spayed, but others did not.

My own recent experience...See dog on shelter on petfinder or adopt a pet. Contact shelter both by email and phone. Leave messages. Do not hear back from anyone for two or three days and I am informed a rescue group has the dog now and they will forward my information. One of the dogs was an "Act quickly...or will be put down."

This happened not once, not twice, but THREE times. In one of the cases, I spoke with an animal control officer who had just received two golden retrievers into his shelter. This was on a Thursday. He said by law, the dogs would be there til the next Monday and then they would be available. I had also received an email from this shelter's contact person stating the same thing...low and behold I get an email from the contact the NEXT day that a rescue had come and picked up the dogs. That's right before it was even legal to do so. By Monday morning, the rescue had both dogs listed for $175. Guess how much they had to pay the shelter? $10. AND they get a $50 reward per dog for neutering. I will never again even bother looking at rescues or shelter dogs.

By the way, we did end up finding a dog on Craigslist. She was the breed we were looking for and I will only recommend to anyone I know to NOT go to shelters or rescues unless you want a pit bull or beagle. They are full to the brim with those because those dogs are NOT easy to adopt out.

Oh yeah, I also found out that these rescues get "grants." I'm so thankful for this article. So many people are being scammed and breeders are being slammed left and right by propagandists who are so elitist and dollar driven, they won't be happy until no one breeds dogs anymore. Sick.

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